With fidget spinners all the rage this year, this app has taken that and run with it.


A simple design of a three sided spinner,  you move around the screen collecting the stars.  The stars you gain are shown above your spinner.  there are  larger stars that boost up your numbers.

There are other spinners on the screen if you collide with them and you have less stars than them then its game over and your out. also vice versa if you have more and hit against them then they loose.

with a few green port holes you can be teleported across to another area, good for when someone is try to attack you.



We gave it 4 stars for the following reasons.


FREE  download

Bang up to date with current spinner trend

A great little app to pass away a boring dinner break.

Signs in with your google account


there seems to be no levels or ways to progress, once you out your out. start again.

also trialling on Samsung s6, we were unable to exit the game and had to manually close the app.


spinz battle download




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